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Merica Dee-S

Merica has a wonderful new home in South Carolina with Richard and Linda Ridgill of Stillcove Farm. Thanks for purchasing this great mare and the two year old stallion, TJ.


Woody MCH

Willis JPH X Caress

Thanks to Judi Leavelle-King, Carmel, CA. on the 
purchase of Woody.

Here's what Woody's new owner says about him:

Woody is doing just fine! After his long trip, I gave him the first day to settle in. Saturday and Sunday and Monday I trailered him down to our riding Club (where I usually work my pony) along with Kingston. I groomed him and led him all over the club grounds so he could see everything. Next I turned Woody out in a very large arena and Kingston in an adjoining one so they could  both buck and run. They both had a blast.
One girlfriend took videos and the other took some digital photos of Woody. I'll forward some to you also. I am having quite a time getting a shoer to come by and take care of his feet for me. My shoer was just here and is now out of town. I have a call in for two others so we can get his feet shortened up before he starts back to work. I can't wait to drive him! We are going to hitch him up on Thursday just for a short time whether he gets his feet done or not.
 Woody loves his large paddock and his house with lots of shavings and is getting along fine with his waterer.I think he is going to fit into our family just fine. I'll let you know how it goes
as we progress and send some photos of him hitched up.

Amazon.com KCH

American Express NTF  X Micaela DWH

Thanks to Susan Elczyna, Wilkes-Barre, PA. 

Here's what Beau's new owner says about him:

I just came in from riding Beau.  He is awesome!!!! We have a big field and a little trail through the woods where we can ride, Three of us went out and he was wonderful. We just have snow right now, no ice.   His canter is so easy.  He got turned out with our other two horses, a gelding and a mare, and they are all getting along really well.  I had no problem at all riding him, you guys must train very similar to the way we do, He gets all my signals.  I noticed he kind of groans when we were coming down the hills, is that something normal for him?
My girlfriend Karen rode him too, and she loves him.  We can't wait til summer when we can take him to Gettysburg camping.  You can put my name on the papers'

Thanks so much for the wonderful horse.  I'll keep you guys in mind when we're looking for another one, and I'll keep you updated on Beau's progress.

St. Ricky and St. Roger

Thanks and congratulations to Robert C. Gifford of Marshall, TX 
on the purchase of this winning team of geldings.


Michigan Move

Thanks to Elizabeth Davis, Sandusky, OH. Congratulations!

Airspace CHF

Alabama CHF    X    Atlantis CHF

arniesleigh.jpg (30168 bytes)

Thanks to Brian and Tamara Vannarsdall, Greenfield, IN, on the purchase of Arnie.

Malvanna ODA

Abundio LCO    X    Miranda Dee-S

vanna3.jpg (114468 bytes)vanna.jpg (70960 bytes)

Thanks to Tom and Marcia Turner of Dryden, Michigan on the purchase of Vanna.


Mighty Mick BJ and Magon's Matt 

Brian Richman photo

Thanks and congratulations to Robert C. Gifford of Marshall, TX 
on the purchase of this winning team of geldings.



Artiest van de Wortel     X     C-Me MMH


Thanks and congratulations to Michelle Odle of Camarillo, California on the purchase of A-Star.

My Magic Man of RoDAO

Marveli of Hylite    X    Annabelda CLF